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Welcoming new Management Coordination Committee members

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We're excited to announce new additions to our MCC, a body that helps providing oversight, strategic guidance, and accountability to our program

As a regional partnership representing more than 2 million residents and over 65,000 businesses around King County, the Hazardous Waste Management Program (Haz Waste Program) works collectively to protect the health and environment of our region by helping eliminate exposures to hazardous materials. The Program accomplishes this with the support of an operating organization known as the Management Coordination Committee (MCC)

Five coalition partners representing each of the Program’s partner agencies on the MCC work together to provide oversight, guidance, and accountability for the Program. The MCC sets the Haz Waste Program’s strategic direction, implementation policies, and oversees operations, including the development of budgets and work plans. The Hazardous Waste Management Program Director works with the MCC to fulfill the Program’s mission. The MCC is enabled through the King County Board of Health (B.O.H. Code 11.04).

In recent months, the MCC has had some new additions. Get to know the new members and the expertise they bring to the oversight of the Haz Waste Program. 

Kenmore-Based Sound Cities Association Representative Joins MCC

In December 2021, the Sound Cities Association appointed a new representative to the Haz Waste Program’s Management Coordination Committee for 2022. Kenmore City Councilmember Corina Pfeil officially began her term in January 2022. The Haz Waste Program is excited that Councilmember Pfiel will bring a valuable perspective through her expertise and work with Public Health, schools, and LGBQTA+ groups. 

Councilmember Corina Pfeil holds a Behavioral and Social Health Services Associates of Applied Science Degree and a Certificate in Behavioral and Social Health Services from Lake Washington Institute of Technology in Kirkland, Washington, and is currently pursuing a degree in Public Health. Corina is a well-known community leader, humanitarian, award-winning legislative advocate, and former PTA leader. Additionally, Corina serves on several committees and boards for local non-profit organizations. Corina has been happy to call Kenmore her home for over 30 years, where she raised her family. You can learn more about Councilmember Pfeil from the City of Kenmore webpage. 

“I am both delighted and honored to step into this new role, serving on the Hazardous Waste Management Coordination Committee (MCC) on behalf of the Sound Cities Association. I look forward to the outcome of collaborative partnership for the community we serve. I am inspired by the words of Booker T. Washington, ‘Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.’ The work we are about to set out to do together on the MCC Committee… Our success will be measured by the positive, innovative solutions we come to together to form-- to otherwise protect and preserve the health of our community for the enjoyment of future generations to come.”

Interim MCC Member Steps into Role 

Andy Smith has also joined the MCC as an interim member as of February 2022. Andy is the Recycling and Environmental Services Manager (interim) for King County’s Solid Waste Division. With more than a decade of experience advising government agencies in the United Kingdom and in King County on policies and strategies related to climate change, energy, and sustainability, the Haz Waste Program looks forward to Andy’s insight on systems-wide policies to promote a healthier region. 

The MCC meets monthly to discuss Program priorities and operations and plan for future activities. You can learn more about the MCC on our website

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