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Safe management of hazardous waste is good business—and we can help. Get customized recommendations to help you manage hazardous waste so it doesn’t harm your workers, community, or the environment.


Our team works with businesses to find safer product alternatives, understand regulations, and reduce waste.

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Free on-site consultation

Schedule an on-site consultation to receive customized recommendations from our technical staff—at no charge.

We’ll help you:

  • "" Find the best way to manage your business’s hazardous materials and wastes.
  • "" Find safer alternatives to hazardous products
  • "" Learn which hazardous waste regulations apply to your business.
  • "" Get cash back for improvements or disposal expenses.
  • "" Get recognition for your efforts to manage your business in an environmentally friendly way.

Following our recommendations creates a safer workplace and may reduce your business liability.

Prevent and manage spills

No business wants to deal with a spill. And when the spilled materials are hazardous, you can run into higher clean-up costs, possible long-term liability, worker safety issues, and other problems.

Spill prevention makes good business sense. Our technical staff can visit your business and:

  • "" Provide spill management materials and tools that work best for your specific business, at no cost to you.
  • "" Help create a spill management plan.
  • "" Train your employees in spill prevention and response.

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