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How to produce less hazardous waste

The best way to deal with hazardous waste is not to produce it — or to produce less of it. You can help protect people and the environment by reading product labels and choosing the least hazardous products available.


Icon of bottles with the EPA Safer Choice logo and Cradle to Cradle logo


Find products with these logos on the front or back.

Please note: EPA Safer Choice products are the safest in their class, even if it says CAUTION on the label.

Icon of a bottle that does not have the words caution, warning, danger, or poison on the label

Safe enough

Select products that do NOT have the words CAUTION, WARNING, DANGER or POISON.

Icon of a bottle with the words Caution and Warning

Somewhat harmful

Select products that have the words CAUTION or WARNING.

Icon of a bottle with the words Danger and Poison


Avoid products with the words DANGER or POISON. They are most harmful for you and your family.





Recycle materials on-site or through a recycler

Recycling means you have no need to dispose of excess material as waste. In Washington, "universal waste" – such as batteries, mercury-containing thermostats, and most fluorescent lamps – doesn’t count toward waste generation totals when recycled.

Contact us to find a recycler for a specific type of waste, or for information about on-site recycling.


call 206-296-4692


Compact fluorescent light bulbs

Treat the waste

Treating your hazardous waste may reduce its volume or make the waste less hazardous.

You can treat your business’s hazardous waste following guidance from the Washington State Department of Ecology. Or, a permitted waste vendor can treat it for you.

call 206-296-4692


Man in front of an open hood pouring automotive liquid into car

IMEX logo

Give your waste away

The Industrial Materials Exchange (IMEX) is a free listing service that helps your business give away surplus materials and hazardous products.



Used spray paint aerosols

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